Openintegra is IT and know-how company – an open source solutions supplier. We offer to the small, medium-size and enterprise business a full range of open source and heterogenous solutions, backed with comprehensive services. We choose to work close to our clients determining their needs in cooperation and supplying the best solutions. We consider our clients’ needs a priority. The solutions we provide are supported so that they can be operational in a multi-platform surrounding and they can be either entirely open source, mixed or proprietary software based.

The curriculum of our educational and traning courses contents aim at supplying the trainees with profound knowledge in the sphere of the Linux-based solutions, offering them a professional view on the matter. Our consulting team has been build helping companies of all sizes manage their IT operations and resources, and ensure that their technology investments contribute to profitable growth. We also developed broad array of e-business services, ranging from strategy consulting and Web integration to infrastructure services, outsoursing and hosting.

Stable, secure, scalable and powerful, open source software is one of the cornerstones of the future operating environment.