OPENINTEGRA was incorporated in 2003 as a high-tech company focused on system integration. After its merge in 2004 with one of the first Bulgarian companies for providing services and consulting for open source based applications and being established by the Bulgarian Open source community leaders, OPENINTEGRA is turning into a company of strong positions in consulting, services and system integration. As an open source leader, it is promoting specialists and consultants with wide ranging skills capable of providing unique hybrid multi-platform solutions and applications integration, platform independent applications, business analysis of various IT systems incorporation, etc.

The company serves local, regional and global enterprises with technology and services made possible by the open source model. Solutions include Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, broad range of management and services, consulting, support and various training programs.

The company offers essential needs solutions to any type of business today, characterized with extremely high stability and flexible incorporation at a very reasonable total acquisition cost. Some of them are:

– LDAP Identity management based on Fedora/Red Hat Directory server;

– Integrated e-mail system with additional security layer ensuring an encrypted message transmission channel and confirming the sender’s identity;

– An optional electronic signature of messages and identification of sender by certificate, through a certificate authority server;

– Enterprise Content Management with embedded Workflow Process Management, user-role based, with option for corporate web portal content management and content access both through the web browser and the regular file access interfaces like CIFS (Windows share), WebDAV, etc. The system offers an option for integration to the OPENINTEGRA user management solution.

– A solution for internal corporate instant messaging system, XMPP protocol based (Jabber, GoogleTalk, etc. compatible), and possibility for message exchange with external or public compatible systems, maintaining ICQ, AIM, MSM, Yahoo messenger, etc., and possibility to integration with the OPENINTEGRA user management system or another existing one.

OPENINTEGRA is developing ZENITRA – own solution, based on open source framwork and thin PC client (disk less station) for multimedia providing (music, video), Internet, games, reference and other type of information, as well as interactive services (orders, demands, booking, etc.) applicable in hotels for music and video on demand, in railway stations, bus stations, airports, conference halls and centers, press centers, show rooms, training centers, etc.

The company fosters not only its own personnel but has organized and conducted Linux training for companies as IBM (corporate system administrators in Brno, Czech Republic) and HP (corporation sub-contractor for training of public sector specialists). The offered training programs set for UNIX/Linux system administration, security, network management, etc. is flexible and adaptive to the particular level and theme range requirements.

OPENINTEGRA is a long year and preferred partner of the Bulgarian Ministry of State Policy for Disasters and Accidents, with experience in building the communication infrastructure of the Ministry, its e-mail system, web portal and a number of consulting services, clustered file back-up system, etc.

Established and promoted by the leaders of the Bulgarian Open Source Community, the company has significant potential for consulting services of extremely wide range and profile: auditing of IT systems incorporation, design and building of data centers – main and back-up, LAN and SAN infrastructures, audit of systems and applications security, status evaluation and optimization, business analyses, virtualization of resources and systems, system consolidation of platforms and applications, etc.

OPENINTEGRA experts are experienced in installation and maintenance of Linux, BSD and open source systems on a great variety of platforms like IBM PC, AMD 64, Power PC, Alpha, IBM pSeries (System p), IBM s390/s390x (mainframes), as well as standard UNIX systems like Solaris, AIX, Mac OS X, including mobile platforms (iOS). The company has also MS Windows experts with long experience and participation in major international projects.

OPENINTEGRA is a full member and partner in “Telecommunications Cluster”, approved for financing from the EU PHARE Program for High-tech cluster development.

Here is a list with some of our clients:

IBM, HP, DSK bank, Dbank, Telerik, Dundee Precious Metals, Ministry of State Policy for Disasters and Accidents, Mobiltel, Central Library of Bulgarian National Academy, Pomorie Balneo & Spa Hotel, Plovdiv Grand Hotel, KCM – Plovdiv (Non-ferrous Metals Factory), Chelopech Mining, TNC Bulgaria, Marsh Bulgaria, Brako Bulgaria, Milestone Bulgaria, Uniliver Bulgaria, Prestige-96, Belana, McCup Holding, Quintessence Capital, Industrial and Business Park – Aitos