Vladimir KostovVladimir Kostov, Chairman & CEO – Born April 26, 1968 and graduated from Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences School Targovishte in 1986 with degree in Computer Science and Sofia Technical University in 2000 with Master’s degree of Computer Technologies and Management.

He started his career as Financial analyst and advisor for several information agencies, insurance companies and Securities and Stock Exchange Commission, but the list of his clients includes Framligton Bulgaria Fund, HSBC (CCF) and various clients regarding investments in Bulgarian Stock Exchange market and privatization procedures of the Bulgarian state monopolies – Bulgartabac, Electro Distribution Companies, Thermo plants, Heating Companies in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Before joining OPENINTEGRA he was also a Member of the Board of Directors of Balkan Utilities Consortium and CEO of Balkan Water, McCup Holding and Stancioff, Sevlievski & Co. (SSCO).

Vladimir joined OPENINTEGRA in 2005 as Managing partner and has been immediately promoted as Chairman and CEO of the new company (after the acquisition of ATIA NET), acting also as Financial manager.

He loves to play tennis in his spare time and also loves horses and horse riding as a hobby.

Stoyan MishinevStoyan Mishinev, CTO & CEO – Born July 31st, 1971 in Plovdiv. He finished the Exemplary Mathematical Secondary School in Plovdiv, furnished with impressive knowledge in the sphere of laser equipment and technologies, and installation and tuning of optico-mechanical and optico-electronic devices. Further he studied at the Sofia Technical University, and in 2000 graduated with a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering and Technology, specialized in Optical and Mobile Communications. While at university, he worked as a network specialist in a local cable TV, occupied in the design and building of cable networks for television and radio signal re-transmission.

In the far 1997 he was employed by Digital Systems – Plovdiv branch where till 2001 he was doing the design and building of internet transmission networks and radio-relay systems. He was appointed Regional Manager for the Plovdiv region and held that position until 2009; also a co-founder of OPENINTEGRA.

He has excellent knowledge of UNIX and Unix-like systems; an inveterate BSD hacker, on whose desktop less than six consoles have never been seen by a living man.

His free time he spends shooting, and mostly processing the pictures. Though maybe the perfectionism in his professional performance is not obvious to the majority of people, who can hardly pronounce even the terms he uses, that same perfectionism is so apparent to everyone in his photographies. Stoyan is that sort of a man who would drive back 30 km just to take a picture of the beautiful landscape which has impressed him.

Yovko Lambrev, VP Sales and Business Development – Born May 8, 1974 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Co-founder of OPENINTEGRA, entrepreneur and famous Bulgarian blogger, technical writer and visionary. He wrote his first bit of software when he was nine, and though strange as it may seem against his age he has been part of the industry for more than a quarter of a century now. He graduated from Plovdiv Exemplary Mathematical Secondary School in 1992 with subject Mathematics and Sofia Technical University in 1997 with Master’s degree of Telecommunications. He started his enterprise career as System manager at Unicredit (ex-Hebrosbank) and also worked three years for Siemens and seven years for IBM.

His experience with the hi-tech giants and clients like Coca Cola HBC, Mobiltel, Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (now Vivacom), DSK bank, First Investment Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Societe Generale, Telerik and many others have given him tremendous strategic, technical and industry insight as well as unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the whole IT industry.

He is founder and chairman of Open Projects Foundation and ex-member of Free Software Association – Bulgaria management board and the Bulgarian President’s Nominee Committee for the John Atanasoff Award. He is the father of the biggest bulgarian open source and free software conference – Openfest. Being heavy open source and free culture believer and technology evangelist, he is an author of uncountable publications and papers. In 2004 PC Magazine Bulgaria has awarded him as IT Person of the Year for his open source and innovative initiatives.

Photography is his passion and hobby as he is also professional freelance photographer in his spare time. He also lives on the Internet at least half of his life. More: | | twitter

Chavdar CholevChavdar Cholev, VP Infrastructure & Software services – Born September 22nd, 1973 in Haskovo, Bulgaria. He graduated from Sofia Technical University in 1996 with Master’s degree of Information measurement and systems. He started his career as System administrator at University of Mining and Geology and after several years he joined Coca-Cola HBC where he spent 8.5 years as Country Infrastructure Manager responsible for Data Centre operations and company’s across-Europe telecommunication infrastructure. He also was responsible for corporate enterprise application such as SAP, SAP BW, SFA, IBM TSM, IBM Lotus Domino infrastructure, etc.

In 2007 he moved to IBM Bulgaria as Infrastructure Architect where he spent almost 5 years working for the customers like Mobiltel (Mtel), Bulgarian Telecommunication Company, Globul, Borica/Bankservice, Telerik, Kaven Orbico, Chelopech Mining, etc. During the same period he was on assignment working for Novartis as Eastern Europe Service Manager responsible for 11 countries and also for their storage, tape and data infrastructure.

He is IBM certified and approved TSM trainer and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Administrator and Deployment Professional.

Since October 2011 he is co-owner of Openintegra and VP of the Infrastructure & Software services department.

Vesselin Kolev, Ph.D., Security and Infrastructure Consultant – He has worked for the Division of Network and Communications at Sofia University Computing Center for more than five years and he is part of OPENINTEGRA’s team since 2004. Because of his personal efforts University of Sofia is the first university in Bulgaria that has delegated its own IPv6 space. His spheres of interest are also networking and infrastructure security, cryptography, encryption methods, digitally signing, DNS, DNSSEC, routing protocols, Linux-based solutions and services.

He is also great trainer and technical writer. More:

Zhivko Bozhkov, System Architect

Delian Yosifov, System Architect

Vladislav RusanovVladislav Rusanov, System Engineer – Born June 20th, 1986 in Nikopol, spent his high-school years in Pleven and then studied Power Engineering at the Technical University, Sofia.

In 2005 he could experience the power of the console, and after that he became a devoted disciple of Vesselin Kolev who helped him gain notable control over the Machine. He, quite naturally, became Veselin Kolev’s right hand. Since then he has been irrevocably using Fedora as a working environment, and the servers he is in charge of operate basically on CentOS or RHEL, however no system has overpowered him yet. He hacks anything subject to disassembling. Besides, Vladi is a valuable staff member of the Sofia University Computer Center, where he deals mainly with routing. In this regard, and not without the influence of Vesselin Kolev, he is a real proponent of IPv6.

If he had a pet dog, he undoubtedly would call it Bash – further comment is hardly needed! Today, though the youngest member of the OPENINTEGRA team, he can, with his eyes closed, control virtual machines and certificate authorities, build and administer e-mail, DNS and hosting services. Gained experience and skills, pertinent to a few in this trade, trained by the best professionals, now himself one of them, Vladi is a loved and esteemed person by the OPENINTEGRA programmers staff, always ready to help whenever his staff mates encounter the immense vastness of the operating system.

As before mentioned, he is keen on hacking anything that may be disassembled, so not surprisingly he spends his free time on cars and all sorts of motor sports. He finds equal pleasure in both disassembling and controlling them, just like it is with the computers.

Georgi ZhelyazkovGeorgi Zhelyazkov, Senior Software Developer
Young Soldier in the crew.

On the battle field since 2006. Witness of the second browser war. Ready to battle every browser on the field to fulfil your dream design.

Follower of engineer religion (recruited by Technical University of Sofia).

In late 2008 joins OPENINTEGRA. Keen music listener and often he could miss you on the street because of his mp3 player.


Petko Georgiev Petko Georgiev, Senior Software Developer






Alexander Angelov, Junior Software Developer

Radostina Dimova, Junior Software Developer

Goritsa Belogusheva, Project Manager & Marketing

Metodi Kanazirski, intern Software Developer