Here is our mobile apps development story.

Once upon a time a bunch of software developers who used to dig the web for a long time.

For more than 10 years they have built almost anything a client could think of.  And one day in 2012 they just stopped.  They have already mastered the web and needed a new challenge.

That challenge fell to be the mobile applications development.

Knights by heart they plunged right into the deep – to create the mobile banking platform for the second biggest bank in Bulgaria.

The platform was (and still is) pretty complex –  3 mobile applications (one for Android, one for iOS, one for Windows) and a server layer to rule them all and to communicate with the core-banking platform. The epic mobile development journey had started.

In the next few years to this date, the mobile banking solution has progressed.  From hybrid to native, from Objective-C to Swift, from web-like design to material design, from just another fancy tool to core business platform.

  • “Thanks to their universal understanding of IT they have managed not only to develop the mobile applications for DSK Smart (for iOS, Android and Windows, both in phone and tablet versions) but also to design and to build the server-side integration layer of the platform which communicates with our core banking system. We strongly rely on OPENINTEGRA for the future implementation of our mobile banking strategy.”

    Yuriy Genov DSK Bank / Executive Director

Those guys were us:

the software development team of Openintegra

  • Nikola Delchev
    Nikola Delchev Android developer

    His scientific attitude to programming and fast-learning skills helped Nikola to raise above the Android junior developer level in just a few months. Highly talkative for a software engineer.

    His art: bare hands fishing


  • Hristo Nikolov iOS & Swift guru

    Fast & furious. He is more than a software engineer and a developer with rich experience. Funny, carnivorous, the whiteboard’s best friend.

    His art: boxing

  • Petko Georgiev
    Petko Georgiev Web & Android Master, IBM Maximo Anywhere Customization

    16 years of software development experience. Precise and focused. Always able to find a way. Great sense of humor.
    His art: irony

  • Goritsa Belogusheva
    Goritsa Belogusheva Communicator

    Universal, best suited for people-related tasks as project management and marketing. Sometimes she’s pain in the neck and makes people feel strange.
    Her art: listening

  • Yovko Lambrev External Consultant

    A real IT guru. Co-founder of OPENINTEGRA, entrepreneur and famous Bulgarian blogger, technical writer and visionary. Lives in Plovdiv.

    His art: photography


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