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System integration

OPENINTEGRA is a system integrator – established by pioneers of the Bulgarian open source community. We can make open and proprietary components work together. We are premier provider of customized end-to-end solutions, hardware, software and support. All in one.

If you need a Linux professional or having an emergency and your sysadmin or FreeBSD consultant is absent OPENINTEGRA can provide you with 24/7 access to experienced technicians who can help you solve problems with Enterprise Linux, *BSD, AIX, OS X & Windows. We know this platforms, inside and out, and we can help you get over the hurdle that threatens to keep you stuck for the next few hours, or longer! We can solve almost any kind of UNIX/Linux-related problems like operating system upgrades; software installation, configuration and optimizations; web, e-mail and anti-spam configurations; database work; security; and of course, software porting. We provide very competitive rates, and you will be provided with a quote before work will proceed. In general, our rate is determined by the response time you require.

OPENINTEGRA is approved Red Hat Ready partner and reseller and this is our main development and production platform. We also support variety of CentOS and Ubuntu-based enterprise installations.

Infrastructure & Technology Management

Infrastructure and Technology Management services also ensures the reliability and security of systems and networks, provides support and training to IT departments and end users, and maintains hardware, software and networks.

OPENINTEGRA is technology integrator that provides services to enable, integrate, optimize and manage flexible business infrastructures, that increase the business value of IT for clients. Infrastructure and Technology Management services delivers intelligent LAN/WAN network infrastructure that allows businesses to manage their IT investments and support their business objectives. Our network consulting helps clients examine where their network infrastructure is today, where it needs to be and how to get there. Infrastructure and Technology Management services provides outsourcing services and works closely with clients to evaluate their business objectives and identify the processes and operations they can outsource for competitive advantage.

Security consulting helps reduce security risks associated with Internet business activities. Features include vulnerability scanning services, intrusion detection services, firewall management services and incident management services.

Tivoli Storage Manager support

The 24×7 availability of mission-critical data and applications is no longer a goal for today’s businesses — it’s a necessity. The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is designed to provide centralized, automated data protection that can help reduce the risks associated with data loss while helping to manage costs, reduce complexity, and address compliance with regulatory data retention requirements.

This is not just a backup & archiving tool – TSM is a complex system that OPENINTEGRA can setup, run, monitor, maintain and support for you. And we are one of the best TSM and TSM FastBack specialized companies around the globe. We can support and/or outsource your backup infrastructure even between the continents – and we have such customers – across three and four continents.

We provide very competitive rates, and you will be provided with a quote before work will proceed. In general, you can buy a pool of prepaid hours that you can use for TSM consulting, maintenance and optimization.

We can also provide training (in English or Bulgarian language) by experienced TSM certified trainer and practitioner.

Virtualization services

OPENINTEGRA is Professional VMware Solution Provider, Silver Citrix Solution Provider and RedHat Ready partner specialized in Red Hat Enterprise virtualization. We are also EMC Velocity Solution Provider Affiliate Partner and we have deep knowledge and background into SAN and IBM System Storage technologies. So we can cover both system and storage virtualization projects and we can assist you with all aspects of virtualization. Our range of services support the design, implementation, and management of virtualization solutions, enabling you to consolidate resources, manage workloads, automate processes, and optimize delivery with effective results.

We can also help you with the IBM Cloud and VMware Cloud solutions and can setup and run for you EMC Data Domain and IBM ProtecTIER de-duplication solutions.

Mobile development

If you want to make an app for the modern market, you’ll need one for iOS. The iOS is indisputably the hottest platform out today, with millions of users on the marketplace, and millions more joining every month. The Apple brand carries with it a weight that will lend your app credibility to a huge audience of smart and advanced mobile users.

If you want to be a part of the largest mobile marketplace in the world, you need to have an app built for both the iOS & Android. As an experienced iOS & Android application development company, we are prepared to help you develop your app for both the platforms and their audience. We have extensive experience developing for iOS already, and we’re ready to extend that experience to you. We have a good experience in making applications for iPhone and Android and very soon we can cover Windows Mobile platform as well.

We’ve been doing software development since 2003 and moved over to mobile platforms exclusively in 2011.


OPENINTEGRA provides training services based on proven industry best practices and years of experience. Our professional services team delivers expert training and advice on everything from the basics to advanced techniques for open source software, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, ITIL, etc. and every training engagement is customized to ensure that the training content and materials align with your business, technology, and organizational needs.

Open source training courses are available for a wide range of open source software packages incl. Red Hat Enterprise. However, customized open source training courses are also available.

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Business Performance

Real business focus on performance and style. Minimalist and functional. Priceless. Now.


Responsive Design

We believe in system interoperability and follow open standards which ensure simple, affordable access to web and technologies for all.



We love to mix - UNIX & Windows, mobile & web, iOS & Android, open with proprietary. No one else can make so custom-made solution for you.


Turn-key solutions

We can design, deliver, setup, configure, run, maintain, manage, monitor and support your solution together with you. Every day. As requested.

OPENINTEGRA is an open source solutions supplier. We offer to the small, medium-size and enterprise business a full range of open source and heterogenous solutions, backed with comprehensive services.

Our mission