Identity Access Management

IBM Security Identity Manager (IBM SIM) is a comprehensive set of processes that enable the secure access of end users to a broad range of internal and external IT systems, control the digital identity of those users, and manage information about those identities. In general, digital identities comprise electronic records that represent network principals, including people, machines, devices, applications, and service.

IBM SIM is an identity management solution that centralizes the process of provisioning resources, such as provisioning accounts on operating systems and applications to users.

IBM SIM will provide you the ability to add business processes and security policies to basic user management, including approvals for user requests to access resources. In addition, Security Identity Manager provides a uniform way to manage user accounts and to delegate administration, including self-service and a help desk user interface.

IBM Security Access Manager (IBM SAM) allows organizations to deliver the access management required to embrace this digital transformation without sacrificing security. It helps enforce risk-based access policies that provide minimal friction during authentication when the user is known and stronger, multi-factor authentication if the risk is elevated. It enables enforcing security polices consistently across multiple channels, letting users interact with the devices they choose with a consistent experience.

IBM Security Access Manager is a modular platform for web, mobile, and cloud access management, multi-factor authentication, risk-based authentication, web-application protection, and identity federation. Its integrated appliance form factor allows for flexible, automated deployment on-premises or in the cloud. This includes taking advantage of Docker container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes.

Authentication methods are always changing. Integrations available on IBM Security App Exchange allow administrators to easily integrate third-party authentication mechanisms—such as biometrics and hardware tokens—from pre-certified business partners into IBM Security Access Manager, without custom coding.

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