NETWORKS GURU >>persistent to make the impossible possible >>tough but thoughtful >>charmingly demonic... sometimes

Born July 31st, 1971 in Plovdiv. He finished the Exemplary Mathematical Secondary School in Plovdiv, furnished with impressive knowledge in the sphere of laser equipment and technologies, and installation and tuning of optico-mechanical and optico-electronic devices. Further he studied at the Sofia Technical University, and in 2000 graduated with a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering and Technology, specialized in Optical and Mobile Communications. While at university, he worked as a network specialist in a local cable TV, occupied in the design and building of cable networks for television and radio signal re-transmission.

In the far 1997 he was employed by Digital Systems – Plovdiv branch where till 2001 he was doing the design and building of internet transmission networks and radio-relay systems. He was appointed Regional Manager for the Plovdiv region and held that position until 2009; also a co-founder of OPENINTEGRA.

He has excellent knowledge of UNIX and Unix-like systems; an inveterate BSD hacker, on whose desktop less than six consoles have never been seen by a living man.

His free time he spends shooting, and mostly processing the pictures. Though maybe the perfectionism in his professional performance is not obvious to the majority of people, who can hardly pronounce even the terms he uses, that same perfectionism is so apparent to everyone in his photographies. Stoyan is that sort of a man who would drive back 30 km just to take a picture of the beautiful landscape which has impressed him.

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