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Since May 2012 until now Openintegra has been working on the mobile banking system of DSK Bank – the second largest bank in Bulgaria.
This mobile banking ecosystem is our biggest and most recognizable mobile application project so far. (Btw, why not installing the app from the links below and try it out yourself?)

First, we have designed and built the server-side integration layer of the platform which communicates with the core banking system.

The task was very challenging and satisfying because we had to integrate our platform with the mainframe-based banking system.

Then we have developed the mobile applications for DSK Smart for iOS, Android and as a second step for Windows.
DSK Smart is designed to respond to the needs of mobile banking of the private customers of the bank.
The first versions of the mobile applications were native apps, but we have used Cordova for their tablet counterparts because of the design specific requirements.

In 2016 DSK Smart was redesigned and rebuilt almost from scratch. The iOS application moved from Objective-C to Swift. The tablet versions also became native apps.
Many new and important features have been introduced. Such as push notifications, messages, credit card requests, etc.

We are constantly upgrading the applications with new useful features for a better mobile banking user experience.

For the corporate customers of the bank, we have developed the mobile banking application DSK Business. The project looks similar to DSK Smart but is also more complicated as corporate finances are more complex than the personal.

We are currently working on adding more useful features to the apps and further development of the whole platform.

Take a look at DSK Smart – mobile application for personal banking.

Try DSK Business – mobile application for corporate banking.

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